A good reminder


My mom reminded me lately as I approach 6 months sober and having a few rough days, that PAWS comes creeping in around milestones. Stay strong and remember it’s normal and a part of your healing and getting stronger (although it seems the opposite at times) and it will always pass. We can do this:-) one day at a time. With you friends along the way❤️


Your mom sounds awesome and wonderfully supportive :heart:


You have a great mom! :heart_eyes: And supportive too!
Congratulations with your milestone! :tada:


I am very lucky. She is truly the best❤️ thank you for your support as well!


Thank you for this post because it caused me to read a little more about PAWs, which helps remind why we all need to be vigilant and avoid complacency despite wracking up sober days. This made me feel a bit better as it is a reminder that weird stuff can come and go physically and psychologically and that is completely NORMAL.

Sharing this article: https://americanaddictioncenters.org/withdrawal-timelines-treatments/post-acute-withdrawal-syndrome

And some extracts:
"PAWS refers to any symptoms that persist after acute withdrawal has resolved. It can feel like a “rollercoaster” of symptoms, which come and go unexpectedly. Each episode of PAWS can last for a few days, and these can continue cyclically for a year. "

“Symptoms of PAWS are individual to each drug, but there are some common symptoms, including:
Hostility or aggression
Anxiety, panic, or fear
Irritability and mood swings
Exhaustion or fatigue
Inability to sleep
Trouble concentrating or thinking
Loss of interest in sex
Anhedonia, or the inability to feel pleasure
Trouble with memory
Sensitivity to stressful situations”


This is really helpful for me today. Thank you for posting.