A little help :)

Hey everyone,
So i came off this for a while and tried to see if i could just carry on… it didn’t work. :slight_smile:

Came off my anti depressants as they were just blurring my life and making me constantly anxious.

I thought with my mood getting better i could chance drinking again!! But lets say i now know that wasn’t an overly clever idea. I am certainly more aware of my decisions while drinking and not making as many bad decisions but i have found i have just gained weight, separated myself from my friends and looked to alcohol for reassurance…

I workout so much and see no results as i just eat and drink any of my hard work off… any advice is helpful. Just need a bit of a reality check from you all :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance. X


You could get a personal trainer. They are great at creating inner motivation and self worth, they’ll get you where you want to be physically, sort out your eating, create accountability and if nothing else… you’ll have no more money for drinking haha

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Considering alcohol is a depressant, and you must have been on anti-depressants for a reason, it stand to reason that being sober could alleviate the depression, enabling you to move away from the anti-depressant, and resuming your drinking would exacerbate the issue.

Armed with this experience, what do you plan to do? Stay sober and move forward to a normal, generally happy life, or drink and deal with the negatives you know will accompany this decision?


It takes patience! Developing the routine and aligning your eating habits to your goals! Like anything in life stick to it and make small changes to your routine! Don’t expect instantant results, make your expectations realistic!

As for the alcohol… It’s so many empty calories. I would easily drink 1200-1500 calories a night and wonder why I’m gaining weight… Yeah, that’s real logical, right?

You got a whole community that has your back! We are with you, and have struggled in the same way!

Keep trying!!!

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I was in that cycle for a long time. Wouldn’t drink for a few days (I only could ever make it a few days) then would get wasted feel like hell and repeat. My only advice is to really commit to not drinking. The first few weeks are tough but once I got through those i started feeling truly good, since then I have been focusing on that.

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I am all about lists haha. Sounds silly but writing things down certainly helps… i have asked one of my friends to drag me to the gym tonight no matter what i say… because let’s face it i know i will love it when im there… have also written out a grocery list ( which won’t include alcohol) a start i guess


You definitely need to cut the alcohol out if you want to see any results on the scale. You can literally eat and drink your way through any amount of exercise, and it also causes water retention and bloating. I have been sober now 44 days and I have lost 8 lbs…
I was the same as you. Trying to moderate, working out when possible but my body was not healthy and I struggled to meet any goals. Now without the booze, my cardio has improved dramatically- I can already run 3x as far- and I have loads of more energy. I am way more stable, and able to regulate my emotions as well. I don’t go to meetings, although a lot of people on here swear by them and work through the steps. I have started to look at drinking in a different way- it’s toxic and I don’t need it to have fun. I don’t feel like I’m missing out anymore, and I have started to invest myself into other things- the gym has been a big one for me!!


You are so right… its a vicious cycle i could go drinking then feel awful for days and can’t get any motivation to workout so eat everything!! I live with a few of my friends and with all of us in our 20s and 30s i feel there is a bloody party every weekend and when i am in a bad space i just cannot say no to the booze… might take a trip away for a night for a break away haha… well done alison that is awesome work!!!


If I may, put this at the top of your list: Keep getting better at getting better.


Hey good job for checking in! I know what you mean–some days I just don’t care that much. Nothing seems more important than following that insane impulse to numb everything. Just know I am here if ifyou want an accountability buddy! I am working on recovering from eating/anxiety disorders, so some of the struggles are the same. Happy to help if I can!!

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Thanks so much!! Means a lot and same for you :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: