A poem called My Master

I have a master of an evil kind
He totally controls my body, soul, and mind
At first he was fun and cool
But soon I became his fool
A victim without a chance
He took my life in just a glance
He’s so sneaky and full of deceit
I wonder why we ever had to meet
Thanks to my master I am now someone I hate
I used to have a life and it was somewhat great
Now all I do is cheat, steal, and lie
And then lie in bed praying to die
Still I can’t leave my master for any reason
He’s too strong and his control is never ceasin’
He’s the one I run to when I wake
I can’t rid him, even for my children’s sake
I used to be loving, caring, and enjoyed my life
But that was before my master took me for his wife
Everyone says I don’t look like the type
They can’t picture me locked in my room smoking a pipe
I once was a pretty girl from the south
But now I am left with teeth rotting in my mouth
My master says, “You’ll never stay clean
You love me too much to be happy and serene”
He loves that I don’t even bother trying
And gravels when I am miserably crying
I’m already dead really- Just a shell
My master gave me a life of pure hell
Yes, I have a master of the most evil kind
He took over and everything good was left behind
He shows no mercy to religion, sex, or age
He only searches for his next victim in which to engage
I pray you never meet my master
If your paths cross, run fast and then run faster
Just in case he goes by Meth, Crystal, or Ice
And I am begging you to just take my advice
No one should have to succumb to this Master of misery and shame
Trust me, this is your life and not a game!
Nothing good will ever come from knowing this dark demon
so don’t ever try him, no matter how unbearable life is seemin’
My master took me and broke my spirit
So don’t meet him, just don’t hear it


Beautifully sad x

Girl, you have some talent, this is great writing. I hear and feel it all in my soul with you. I always loved being able to express myself writing. No matter how tough the subject. Hugs!

Thank you @Mia-Lopez42

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Thank you @MandiH. I think it time I start back writing again to see if that will help. I will be posting more soon. So keep your eyes out.


That was absolutely stunning and heart breaking all at the same time! :cry:
Beautiful! Thank you for sharing :sparkling_heart:

@Zara thank you.

This is a great poem… i feel ya

I know your master, I hate him… I left him once before and again 67 hours ago
Its never too late to get your life back
It wont be the same one you had but it will a life better than agony you put yourself through and the guilt you feel. Dont let the shame and guilt make you feel unworthy because you are worthy. You are worthy of happiness. I know the shame the pipe beought me but I feel proud today that i havent had the pipe in my mouth for 67 hours. Thats what i can concentrate on today. You can do it too! I beleive in you

@Str8upK80 it been 59 days since I had that glass pipe. This is my 3rd release in ten years.

@Ellen1 Release?

I meant to say replase


Thank U my recovery has me writing again.

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