A Test Passed

Tonight was a test for my sobriety. I am a member of a men’s group and we hold a monthly “Bond Fire”. These are pretty tame events. Adult beverages and cigars, mature men from all walks of life enjoying fellowship.

But there’s drinking and offers of fine burbon, scotch, beer, and wine. Polite offers, no pressure.

I still had my guard up, knowing how easy it would be to accept a little taste. The fire, the cold. Yeah, a taste would be good, and I paid my $20.00 for the refreshments, just like everyone else.

But my sobriety is important. I brought a thermos of coco. Hit the spot, and I stood a bit taller, knowing that I promised myself I wouldn’t drink, and I didn’t. I also realized that as good as that bourbon would have tasted, victory tastes better.

And coco is good too. I should drink it more often.


Well done, Warrior. :facepunch:t2:

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Great victory.

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