A thought hit me at AA


I went to a couple AA meetings yesterday. I almost didn’t go to either. But I went and I’m glad I did. I am not sure why this is sticking with me so much. Everytime I hear someone speak at a meeting. I can identify with what the person is talking about. The things that drive us to drink, depression, harboring resentments, old traumas, relationships, abuse etc… Then the isolation, anxiety not wanting to be around people. At these meetings you see people of different races, sexes, social status and so on. It just amazes me how much the people in AA or even on this site have in common though different. Yet everyone at these AA meetings is supporting and respectful. Outside of those meetings or even a site like this, there seems to be so much negativity and people tearing each other down. It just seems every day people should have a easier time finding common ground. It seems to me most peeps ultimately want the same things happiness, respect etc… I don’t know just something that has been rattling around in my brain since yesterday.


Respect and empathy go a long way. Spot on!


Crazy to me it takes a bunch people in recovery for this to happen in such way.!?


Isn’t that the truth!!


Yep. Yesterday morning I sat outside with some guys for hours after a meeting I’d never been to just talking and sharing stories. Felt fine and decided to go to a smaller one I’ve missed for a couple weeks just to see the guys last night. New and friendly faces there, too.

What was shared at both was universal. The two might as well have been the same meeting. Everyone with different backgrounds, and none of that mattered.

And this, I’ve recently realized, is one of the gifts I’ve gotten from recovery: I have love again. Love I had completely lost by the time I first walked in.

When I’ve been away I genuinely miss my fellowship. When I’m there my heart lifts to see them. And to see the newcomer or visiting traveler walk in for the first time. The hope that they will also find that sense of peace and relief, whatever their burden.

It’s pretty rad.


If everyone lived a little more of the golden rule and less of the judge a book by it’s cover the world would be in a much happier place.


One common thing I hear in every meeting is the isolation and anxiety. Not wanting to be around people, drinking alone. Come to find out there is a whole community out there that gets it.



And y’know, like you hinted… we can live that way, with that understanding and compassion, in all that we do. It may not always be reciprocated by others the same way it often bears out in the rooms, and that’s none of my business.

People hold a wonder for me now that I once lost sight of.


Been going to meetings for 32 years plus now and been and spoke at meetings in a lot of different countries and the message is always the same you are no longer alone.glad you are enjoying going, Youl,meet a lot of lovely caring people , and its true why try and do this by yourself when there are people out there who understand and identify what you going through and help you on your journey wish you well keep on trucking