A Whole Month

Can’t believe I haven’t had a drink in 30 days. Can’t remember ever going this long without a beer or a cocktail. I feel as if I am in control of my life. There have been temptations and over Thanksgiving it was so hard. Just wanted to chill and enjoy a good IPA. Then immediately hated myself for being an alcoholic and not being normal where I could enjoy and appreciate good craft beer. I feel proud of myself yet hate myself at the same time. Does that make sense? Well at least I’m spending more quality time with my children. That’s what matters.


Congratulations on the month milestone, that’s awesome. The initial stages of recovery are very challenging. People often start hating sobriety, others or themselves. It get’s better with time though and eventually you’ll learn that there is no reason to hate yourself. You’re doing a great thing. You’re bettering the lives of yourself and your family. What’s to hate?


Thank you @Robin… Hard getting compliments for something that should just be. I hate not being normal. But I guess everyone has their vices. Mine just happens to be alcohol and I need to be ok and “normal” living without it :blush:… Working hard towards that goal now!