AA experience

I have been thinking of going to AA meeting to meet others in person who have also quit alcohol. I am hoping to make new friends through it who are on the same journey.

Has anyone been? What was your experience? I don’t know what to expect and nervous about going. Please share.

There have been many of these threads, the usual consensus is to go with an open mind. You don’t have to talk, you don’t have to believe in God, you don’t have to hold hands. I’d suggest to just go, sit in the back or outside ring and listen. They usually ask if there’s any newcomers and that you introduce yourself by name. They’ll likely try and give you a list of names and numbers you can contact.

I’ve been to many meetings and I learned quite a bit from them. Through a mixture of AA, IOP and individual therapy I’ve put together 6 months of sobriety and more than just being sober I’m actually enjoying life again. The white knuckles are gone, the battling done.


I have the exact same experience and opinion as @CaptAZ. Highly recommended, but an open mind and willingness to want to change is important. It’s been an excellent way to find out I’m not alone in my struggles. And I have met nice people who I can talk to if I have an issue.

If you decide to go it’s important not to compare oneself with others there. Surely you will meet many who were much heavier users and have had a really tough go of life as a result. But it doesn’t mean you don’t belong there or are any more able to handle the problem on your own.

As fore-mentioned just go and listen, try a couple different ones.


Great your thinking of going to meeting ,the people there have been were youve been and will understand that your be nervous and they will welcome you ,let us know how it went wish you well

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Meetings vary from place to place, but I have found them all to be very welcoming. In my area it’s mostly topic/discussion meetings so most people get a chance to share if they want. They will also ask if there are any newcomers. This is the time where you can introduce yourself if you want to. They will give you phone numbers and meeting list. Also, don’t be afraid to ask someone to go get coffee after, or if they go out to dinner after you should go with them. We always welcome the newcomer out with us after the meeting.