AA meeting fear

I have been sober for a little over 2 years. I have done most of this myself with out help. Now, I am struggling with sobriety for so many reasons.

I am truly scared to go to an AA meeting but i think I need to. This platform has been a big support for me. Any suggestion on how to over come this wall.


Are you afraid of meeting new people? Sharing in front of a group? Or??? I can tell you this. Walking through the doors into AA is nerve wracking, but you don’t have to speak. Maybe just spend your first couple of meetings listening to others? AA is a godsend for me, and I am so glad I have them in my life.


Yeah man the fear of the first meeting is a hard one. I was lucky i had a member to take me to my first meeting and he said youll never have to do your first meeting again and i felt alot better after the meeting. The most welcome ive ever felt is at a meeting when i started going 6 months ago. Hope this helps man :love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:


Just go. Most, if not all of 'm there have known that fear.


I can relate. I decided early on after reading here that I wanted to check out a meeting.

The night I was going to go, I was overwhelmed by a sudden, irrational fear. Every part of me tensed up. No idea why.

I tried to remember, it’s just a meeting. People who’ve been where I’ve been. At worst I would go and waste an hour or my time not wanting to go back. So I made myself go.

And it was great! It’s just a group of people there to get better too. Very chill and not what I expected.

They may ask if you’d like a turn to share. If you’re still nervous (I wasn’t once I was there), remember it’s 100% ok to say, “thank you, but I’d just like to listen tonight.”

I will say, meetings quickly became a cornerstone for my recovery. Having a place I felt safe being honest with a group that just wanted to do the same!


@Eke same here. I can’t get to many meetings but I now lead a meeting on Thursday nights with my home group, and those people that welcomed me in have now become some close friends. It is great to have a group to share stuff with, knowing it won’t go past those walls.


The fear is so thick I can’t identify where it is at. I have so much grief right now that taking that step is so scary. I just started therapy but i need help with sobriety. I just want to numb the pain. Sobriety means so much to me that i don’t want to fail.

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The only way we fail is to not try. Sounds like you feel like something is missing in your world to draw support from to help keep you sober? AA and NA have been the answer for millions.

A meeting will help my friend, keeps ya busy for an hour, coffee is often lacking flavor and the message in the rooms sure as hell won’t make you drink!


4+ years sober, still not climbed over that wall.

In case you will do it, you will be one step closer then me.

Man I wish I had a way to further encourage you. AA has literally saved my life, and was the best thing I could have done. I know it can be hard to make that step, but remember that in AA, the only requirement is the desire to stop drinking. It will be hard to go through that door, but I can tell you it is worth it.


I just Can encourage you to go. I Tried many years to stop with my therapist, at hospital and I was afraid to go to meetings (because of the prayers etc) but It’s just the safest place I’ve been. I think I’ll go to my 4th meeting soon and juste listen. You Can talk or not. Share and people juste listen without Judgement. Even if I’m a Lone Wolf I love being surrounded by my Sober Friends and WE are just here for each other. It’s beautiful. Stay strong and wish you the best :heart:


It might just be the overthinking of it.
Everyone is scared of the immediate thing that they don’t know.
Walking through the doors of that room is the best thing you can do for yourself.
They become the family you didn’t know you have had this entire time.
Sharing the load is easier than trying to do it all yourself.


We have this incredible habit of over thinking things so I’ll keep this simple for you - Walk in sit down and listen, go often enough and that thinking and fear will be removed from most things you encounter in life not just meetings.

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Try an online meeting first. You can use whatever name you wish and keep your camera off, just observe.

Here is a list of meetings all around the world, you can attend in any language and just about 24 hours a day.


Thank-you. I am going to one tonight.

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Me too im leaving in 30 mins to get to the 7:30pm meeting. This will be my 4th meeting i think in 2-3 months, im new to the meetings but i can say you will feel so welcome when you get there. Let us know how it goes, im updating how mine goes on the chcking in thread but il come and tell you too later on👍