AA or NA related

I have gone to both AA and NA meetings but mostly as a support… i have more recently in my sobriety started to reconsider going regularly as an addict however i constantly question if im even an alcoholic or how bad my problem really is… anyways even though i havent had a problem with drugs since teen years i still think i like NA better… but what concerns me next is working the steps… how do you work steps if you can barely remember but bits and pieces of your life during addiction or even prior?

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I know some alcoholics that prefer the na group over AA.

The one thing about alcoholism, or any addiction, is that you can’t quantify it. It either is a problem in your life, or it isn’t. Everyone’s situation is different.

As for the steps, you just do the best you can.


As far of the steps di it the right way 1-12 jumping back and forth are not recomended. The steps makes u remember why and how .give it time @Liz it will be hard .you got the Big Book ? Use IT

As my sponsor says , there is no right or wrong just do them to the best of your ability. I just finished my 4th step and had the hardest time remembering things. My sex inventory was easy though lol just because of my past. So now I’m going to do my 5th and do look forward to the rest of the 12 so I can have the psychic change that comes from a spiritual experience that’s needed to maintain my sobriety on a daily basis. And that I may have the chance to help another alcoholic and/or addict.
This is an awesome process and program! Don’t pass this chance up!

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I work on that too sex list .im also very motivated 100% @Hanna844 i really feel this is the way to go . Im thinking the same a you looking forward to work the steps and do whats needed to be done .