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So I’m having to reset absolutely gutted after 51 days sober :cry:but will try this time to get to my 70 days, thought I could have just the couple what an idiot I was

Today was a hard day, lots temptations to drink. I managed to get over the hump, but I wanted a drink so bad tonight. 45 days sober today.

Yesterday I was disconnected from awareness of a higher power. I didn’t meditate in the morning and exercised instead. By the afternoon I lost my new found patience and balance to self. That all too familiar emotional out burst took over in a flash. I wasn’t aware of my words or the people receiving the words. Just me in the world, nothing else. It wasn’t until after, I realized I was out of spirit and out of line. Now for the next part, make amends. Humble myself and show my remorse. God, relieve me from the bondage of self, that I may better do thy will.

Hi Everyone! Day 1! :sparkling_heart:

Hi I am new here today is day 99 of being sober. It’s been super difficult the last couple of days. So I thought I’d try this ou

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Today’s the first day I woke up sober in a while. I want this to be my every day. So far feeling tired but I’m thankful.

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Hello everyone out there, firstly I just wanted to say thank you for welcoming me to your community yesterday after my first post yesterday. Although I have battled alcoholism for all of my adult life this is my first actual attempt at working with a forum online so I am very excited about this. I am currently in hospital after completing an outpatients detox that has left me with a few ongoing health issues. Despite any of these issues that have arisen this is the happiest I have been in many years, and I am also grateful to be involved with a group with the common goal of beating this dreadful disease. Peace and happiness to all of you, Piku.:pray:


Hi :wave:
How are you doing ?

10 days sober. I have discovered some triggers that would normally send me to store to buy alcohol.

Major issue last few days is the fatigue and lethargy I feel. I am really hoping these symptoms will pass or lessen in the upcoming days.

How to control the urge when you go back to same old places where you kinda hung around

My son just recently reminded me I have three years til I’m “free”. (He’s 15).

Some background for yall:

Im 2 yrs 5 months clean now, but I was addicted to crack all his life. A functioning addict that would go on 2 or 3 day binges usually. Sporadic periods of every day use. He lived with my sister for one school year while we were homeless. Other than that, I managed to always keep us together. But my use and sig others use put him through things he should have never had to go through. I really started getting my stuff together, went a year there and a year here with small minor relapes until 2018 which got kinda crazy. 2019 and i was getting tired of all the craziness, but also desperately trying to hold on to somebody i loved who also struggles with the same and other addictions. 2020 i wanted to get clean. Being so new in recovery, it was hard when i knew my bf was out getting high. I tried and failed a few times. I used 2 times that year. Leap day without him and labor day with him. End of 2020 he moved and it was a little easier, he tried to hide his usage from me on the weekends, but couldnt. I stayed clean until I still tried to make it work and moved with him March 19, 2021. Relapsed again trying to prove something to myself or him idk. My clean date is March 21, 2021.

So the last 4 years i can say ive really been trying to stay clean. Ive been stable with housing and making sure my boy has everything he needs. 2 yrs true sobriety my boy has grown and matured so much. He doesnt know it all, but he knows enough :sleepy: And now hes worried about me when he leaves home :broken_heart:

And i would say this has been on my mind a lot lately. The last few years ive been so focused on living my life for my son so he has a real chance in life. But what am i going to do when he goes off on his own? Ive picked up hobbies and have plenty of travel interests to indulge myself in, but ngl im a little bit scared myself. My son has been so much a reason for my sobriety and helping me stay accountable that im just hoping i find things to keep me motivated, keep me going to work, paying my bills and truly living life.

Hi all :slight_smile:
Just wanted to share that I am 4 weeks alcohol-free today! I know it is still early days and there are other issues to address to get to the cause of my addiction, but I am feeling positive and I hope you are too.
Love from Australia :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hello just checking everything out I am loving this so far!


Welcome to the community Amanda
Glad you are loving it - this is a great community with amazing support and love - loads of advice. Take your time to read around the threads here! Hope to see you around :slight_smile:

I just reached a milestone in my recovery process yesterday, 5 months clean!!! I have not been that 100 percent sober since I was 23years old. I’m 45. I love my life now, I truly do. I may be a little lonely in my love life, but it’s ok.


Way to go Heidi

This is a fantastic milestone :clap: :raised_hands: :muscle::muscle:

Hello everyone. My name is Mandee. I’m new here (well I’ve had this app for a lil while now) it’s just my first time ever sharing.
I am a recovering heroin/fentanyl addict.
I am 117 days clean today, and I am currently in Rehab, due to legal problems because of my addiction. I am 34 years old, and have been using any kind of opiates since the age of 13. This is actually the first time in my life that I have actually been THIS clean… every other time I “tried” to stop I was always smoking weed, or using some other drug to replace Heroin. I would always tell myself that I was clean though, just because I would be “clean off the needle”. I am currently waiting on my sentencing date in November, and hope and pray that I don’t have to go to Prison. I lost my children because of my addiction, and am doing everything in my power to get them back. I am working on all this guilt and shame that I have, and it’s hard. But I am getting there… One day at a time. Or I would like to say “One SECOND at a time”.
I look forward to posting here and hearing everyone’s stories, and being able to share here with no judgement whatsoever. Thank you guys for taking the time to read this. I look forward to being a part of this app :heart:


Welcome to the community Amanada
117 days is amazing work - you should be super proud of your clean time. I am so sorry for the trouble that you are facing. I do hope that you are able to come out of it safely. This is an amazing app to be a part of and I do believe it is a place to connect with fellow addicts that can understand your struggles and be here for you with no judgement.

you are doing amazing well on your addiction free days. Guilt and shame have no place in the sober journey. We have to learn from our past and make amends so that we can move forward with a light heart.

Grateful to have you on this journey with us and do hope to hear more from you :hugs:

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Thank you so much :hugs:

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