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So I’m having to reset absolutely gutted after 51 days sober :cry:but will try this time to get to my 70 days, thought I could have just the couple what an idiot I was

Today was a hard day, lots temptations to drink. I managed to get over the hump, but I wanted a drink so bad tonight. 45 days sober today.

Yesterday I was disconnected from awareness of a higher power. I didn’t meditate in the morning and exercised instead. By the afternoon I lost my new found patience and balance to self. That all too familiar emotional out burst took over in a flash. I wasn’t aware of my words or the people receiving the words. Just me in the world, nothing else. It wasn’t until after, I realized I was out of spirit and out of line. Now for the next part, make amends. Humble myself and show my remorse. God, relieve me from the bondage of self, that I may better do thy will.

Hi Everyone! Day 1! :sparkling_heart:

Hi I am new here today is day 99 of being sober. It’s been super difficult the last couple of days. So I thought I’d try this ou

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Today’s the first day I woke up sober in a while. I want this to be my every day. So far feeling tired but I’m thankful.

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Hello everyone out there, firstly I just wanted to say thank you for welcoming me to your community yesterday after my first post yesterday. Although I have battled alcoholism for all of my adult life this is my first actual attempt at working with a forum online so I am very excited about this. I am currently in hospital after completing an outpatients detox that has left me with a few ongoing health issues. Despite any of these issues that have arisen this is the happiest I have been in many years, and I am also grateful to be involved with a group with the common goal of beating this dreadful disease. Peace and happiness to all of you, Piku.:pray:

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Hi :wave:
How are you doing ?

10 days sober. I have discovered some triggers that would normally send me to store to buy alcohol.

Major issue last few days is the fatigue and lethargy I feel. I am really hoping these symptoms will pass or lessen in the upcoming days.