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I think today was kind of unsuccessful for me because I’m noticing warning signs. For me, when I start letting up on my routine, I know some things up. I was supposed to go to a meeting today because I haven’t been in over a week and instead I slept in. Then on my way to work I impulsively bought an energy drink even tho I’d gone 18 days without caffeine because I drink it in excess. This may sound silly, but these are warning signs. I’m getting restless. All I can do is put today behind me and focus on one day at a time. I plan to hit a meeting tomorrow before work. I know no matter how much I don’t want to go it will help me.


@Ash That’s really good that you are aware of your warning signs. Keeps you focus on your goals! :+1:Like you said one day at a time! Hope your having a better day today! Stay strong, you can do it! :muscle::muscle::muscle::heart_decoration::heart_decoration::heart_decoration::point_up::point_up::point_up::v::v::v:


Yep recovery is basically about two things once you’ve accepted you are what you are one make decisions second get into action it’s no good lieing in bed considering doing the next right thing I have to turn decisions into action one of which may be I’m worn out let’s have a lie in which is fine but not I have to get to a meeting but I’m tired

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Clean for 8 months


Clean for 3 months and every day im thankfull!!


Day 13, really nice feelings, getting stronger and more focus


chaos seems that is the only comfortable thing I know. 15 days clean and sober . but what do you do. work sleep eat take in a meeting read. them what . no longer waiting for the man, making the calls chasing the dope. exactly what do people do to fill their souls . I’m a husk empty and void . unable to be happy, no joy. all fear and worry . am I going to get it right this time. spiritual awaking when does the begin. so lost.


It’s right girl


I used to feel that same exact way!! I didn’tknow the healthy way to occupy my time and or mind. Its the part of the healing proccess.that’s why counselors want u to stay busy with meetings and other things. It will get easier i promise. Just reach out to ur support!! Thats ur main right there! Good luck :slight_smile:


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