Accidentally ate the cake

My apartment complex had a holiday gathering with food and desert. I am 19 Days into sobriety. They had a holiday desert with cake at the bottom in this fancy little cup. I took a bite of the cake part and definitely tasted a strong flavor of some type of mint liquor. It really made me upset. I immediately put it down. I have worked so hard to get 19 days under my belt and felt cheated. I know it wasn’t a drink or something I knowingly did, but it still made me really upset.

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I say, let it go and keep going. Do not drink, do not use drugs, and do not eat more of the cake. The grapevine (aa) magazine had an article about someone who accidentally brought liquer filled chocolates to a meeting. Oopsie! Just keep going.


Doesn’t count! As soon as you realised what it was, you put it down. Same as if a friend spiked your drink. You didn’t choose to do it. Good for you for not eating more.