Achieve something everyday


What are some things you are doing different in your everyday life that you didnt do under the influence? For me im trying to sit down at the piano every day and learn bits and pieces of songs/new scales. Also keeping a minimal caloric intake with minor physical activity to reach my goal of losing 10 more lbs.


I’m actually sticking to my work out goals, one full week of p90x under my belt, and I am so much more productive! I get the majority of chores done and I feel accomplished that my home is clean. My husband would kind of rebel against my drinking by letting the house go completely while I was hung over so it always looked like garbage. Now everything is nice and neat, laundry and dishes are always done and he’s helping again with his half of it all :blush:


Things i d under the influence made me and everyone around me hurt ! but to day i dont drink and things i do today are great been doing it a long time sober now wish you well


I work more, i’m way more productive now instead of procasratinating. I turn on my vacuum robot on more often lol. I get up at 7 and enjoy my hangover free mornings. I play boardgames with my son. I am finally capable of reading my dusty books. Only working out isnt working out. Yet… Oh, and I weigh myself everyday now hoping I loose some weight!


Cooking… Oh and I’m knitting a hat!