Active duty military

Here is what I would like to get started. The military is full of those with alcohol problems. I am one if them. I have messed up my family, my career and my life with the sauce and would like any military out there to know I am here to talk/help. It is a different world and thus requires a different approach in some cases. Getting help from within the military is scary because they can and will hold it against you in the future. I’m no doctor, just a grunt with a drinking issue that feels if we can fill this thread we can all help each other, thanks for reading and good luck out there.


Retired here. Was a SAACCO as a collateral duty as a young’ish Lieutenant. The policy when I was in if you seek help voluntarily, not much was held against you. However, if you had an incident and got sent to the SAACCO, there were consequences that came along with the help…and the help wasn’t elective. Screw up after that, stick a fork in you.