Addict alcoholic artwork


Do you ever sell your stuff or just do it for fun?


I have sold some of my art before. Its kind of hard to sell art online though to be honest


I havent done anything artistic in a long time. But the other day i was messing around on the computer. At first i made a bunch of swirls, added some color. It kind of looks like a woman sitting with her head down like she is crying. What do you guys think this looks like to you?


I think it looks like a mother cradling her child.


So what are you good at? English? Lol :wink:


Lol, not particularly. I went to public school haha


First thing I thought was a little boat in the ocean about the be crashed by a huge wave.



The first painting is the only one I took with me when I moved from the Netherlands to California.
The second one is still waiting for a new home ^^
The third painting was sold yey


all spray paint no masking no stencils and some pen and ibk work from.when i was still using


I love that mural!! Would totally have that on my house, really cool :clap::+1:


Wow that’s great


I generally try not to incorporate my addiction and recovery in my work but made this for a fellow who just got his 27 years sober, a little sailor Jerry design. The other one is the only addiction related painting i did.


That is gorgeous! Message me if you would consider selling it. I am amazed at how talented everyone is on this thread. I could barely manage to make it to my bed during withdrawals, let alone create something beautiful like this.


Right brain/left brain.


working on this cake prop


Self portrait


Hahaha I’m sure some public school children did well in English


If they did they weren’t from my school. I was in AP English and can barely put together a full sentence.


Omgosh smh (looks away)