Addict alcoholic artwork


I suck at all things artistic, but I’ve found that a lot of people in recovery are pretty damn good at it. Please use the following space as your own personal art gallery. I love seeing the talent of all my recovery brethren.



Good looks! I’m generally to lazy to scroll or search lol, so thank you!


no prob. enjoy the thread :slight_smile:


Hopefully this doesn’t offend anybody nor trigger them. This is some old art I use to do on postal stickers when I used to get drunk and high, since I’ve gotten sober I hardly draw or do any type of art anymore. I used to do more graffiti lettering and stencil type art when I started.

What do you guys think of this?




Those are awesome! :heart_eyes: I love pencil sketches. Wish I could do something like this, I’ll have to upload one of mine later.


Did this one a while back just something random lol


Dope I like your style! Is this with markers or color pencils?


Background is sharpie the rest is pencil


Thank you! :hugs: Looking forward to seeing yours!


I crochet. I am not much into drawing but I color with vibrant markers and pens and I have dabbled in painting. I love to see this as a thread because art can be so healing and therapeutic :heart:


Heres one of my old pencil sketches. This was a rough draft
for a friends tattoo and never got a chance to take a picture of the official drawing or tattoo since he got locked up shortly after. (Pay no attention to the michael jackson nose and crooked eye they were fixed LOL)


A wolf eating the moon :cheese:
A painting I did last month when I couldn’t sleep due to alcohol withdrawals




Thank you ! :blush:



That’s badass


Thank you! It took me FOREVER. Every little dot. This is the first time i did a painting like this. Im usually more of a abstract art type of painter