Addicted to cocaine

I promised myself I wouldn’t use but I failed. I really want to stay away from it but my husband never tells me no when I want it. I’m ashamed of myself and I need prayers and some support.

Asking someone else to be responsible for your use will fail you everytime. Might try to call your dealer and tell them that you would like there support too. See how that goes. Now there’s one person that does have a say in this. You! Read some on here. You will quickly learn much of addiction is the same, we just substitute our choice of drug. This won’t be easy but if you want it…Life can be great. Best wishes quit looking outside for a solution to a problem that is internal.

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Thank you Chad you are right. I appreciate your honesty.

We will support you all that we can. I’m the one that says it blunt but I don’t ever mean to hurt you. But try the search function on the app for things that you are curious about or just ask away. There is some good reading material. Links to programs, some which you can find online. I encourage real life support. We all share what has helped us. There’s a lot of the stories about the bad. And then when we are questioning ourselves I have shared with the group here for advice. There is a good thread going right now I’ll try to tag you in it. Give it a read some people have gave some amazing shares.