Addictions and biology

Hi I been trying to stop drinking for a will now never done more then 3 months since I lost control to stop and I spent some time to learn about addictions …some people say that if you area alcoholic it’s for life
I didn’t want to accept the first step of AA because of my ego but I learned that alcohol change the brain setting so it’s normal that it becomes extremely hard to stop alcohol because of that…the body also send message to the brain when we staying sober but after a while the message decrease … AA teach to focus on a new happy life and not focus on the old habits … But I don’t agree on one think that we need to continue AA for a lifetime to keep sobriety even the program is really amazing it’s all about chemistry
The meetings that I do boost my oxytocin in the body
The program teach to be in the moment stay connected learneditation training
Do helpfull action to other people…
And by acting everyday the brain get all the hormones to feel happier and instead of the dopamine liberate by alcohol it’s many other one by the AA program I would like some opinion from you guys about the way you see it :slightly_smiling_face: ?? It fascinate me

I agree, of course it’s all about chemistry. But the brain chemistry is related to behaviors, environment, actions, etc. So it’s related to the structure of one’s lived world. Either the brain is the reaction to the behaviors, or the behaviors are the reaction to the brain’s chemistry, just “knowing” it won’t change the outcome of the addiction response.

From what I understand, AA gives the structure in which change can occur. It gives a way followed by many others since decades, but is in every time one’s individual path to follow.

Do addicts people need this program to keep their sobriety? I don’t know. I know a lot need it and some don’t. But I believe that it might be hard for a lot of people to find such a structure or build themself one when they’re at the end of their ressource. Maybe later in their sobriety journey the structure and the lived world have changed enough to protect ones from relapsing, but it might never be enough for some.

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Thank you for your answer you have many good arguments I will continue AA and might stop after a while