ADHD and impulse control

How many others in this group suffer from ADHD? That’s part of my recovery journey. Along side my ADHD coke severe impulse control issues. I’ll be sober for months. Then… BAM! The idea of wine will pop into my head and soon enough I’ve binge drank 2 bottles of wine to black out. Then I just wake up full of shame and I don’t drink again for a few months.


I have ADHD and CPTSD
I had very low self control always have especially when I was drinking now I’ve been sober for over 5 and a half years
I struggle with sugar now since getting sober i crave sweets and things that i didn’t before
I have found coping methods
When I want to drink alcohol I drink water and when I want sugar i eat fruit

Yep, me. Still working it out. :man_student: :innocent: