ADHD meds and the urge to drink

Anyone else who is prescribed adderal or vyvanse find that it makes them want to drink when they are coming down from it? I now work out to help the urge but I am wondering if anyone else experienced this? Also, it made me be able to drink like a fish when I was drinking but I could never get “drunk enough” can anyone relate?

My old neighbor and his whole household was on adderal and he was a heavy drinker as well then he started to really abuse it and drink alllll day from pretty much from 10am to late in the night and once he started drinking at 6am heck may not have even stopped! It really messed up his life up for a little bit and then he started getting abusive and VERY aggressive. I have since touch based with him again since he had moved and he quit adderal and only has a few drinks a week now. And he was perscribed but he has nothing good to say about it for sure

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