Admins? Any way to break up these 2k post threads?

?? I am new and find these topic threads are rather long. Your System daily check-in threads start out 30 days ago. Quite a bit of time before reading anything relevant. Just a suggestion. Thanks.

They used to be longer.

The original daily check in thread was running about 15K posts. It was such a problem that the forum started to lag because of it.

Since then @Robin put a cap of the number of posts on a thread. I think it’s 2500.


I just figured out if you click the counter in thread you can jump to the most recent by entering the latest number.

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There a box at the bottom if you click on it you can scroll to the bottom and it will hold your position. It’s the box that says 4/4 or whatever the page count is.

You can also click at the time of the last post, on the main forum feed (e.g. where it says 1m, 1h, 1d etc) and that takes you to the latest post :blush:

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