Afraid to fly

So, I am uber afraid of flying. It is too the point that once a flight has been booked I struggle with sleeping and anxiety. My doctor gives me a small prescription of ativan each time. Usually only enough pills to get me too my destination and back just because of how addictive it can be.

In March will be my first time flying since quiting drinking. I have my prescription but I’m wondering if I should fill it. If I’m not taking it for pleasure should I be okay? I really don’t like the idea of flying with out it…I get rather panicky.

Maybe only you can answer that one - for what my opinion’s worth, I suffer from back ache and have to take the strongest non-prescription painkillers once or twice a week. They’ve given me no interest in either upping the dose or getting stronger ones (which would be really easy as my son’s got a slipped disc so he’s awash with them) for recreational use, or no renewed interest in booze.
When it comes to nearer the time you’ll know, one way or another.