Again 1212

Well here we are again. I feel defeated


Welcome to the community the people here are very friendly and supportive congratulations if this is days of your sobriety take it one day at a time

Welcome Renae :slight_smile:

Make that a good feeling by turning it into a step 1 of a program :wink:

One day at a time buddy, we’ve got this!

Defeat is the first step to picking yourself up and finding victory.

Defeated: by what?

You were defeated by a set of habits you have for escaping the world. You have taught yourself over the last 5-10 years that you can run and escape to booze / drugs, instead of walking the path, with awareness, through your life.

You were defeated because you chose to try to escape, to avoid, to be unconscious.

Win: how?

You win by learning new habits. It’s that simple. You start by hitting up a meeting and/or a rehab.

Check out the women’s international 24-hour “marathon” meeting:

Get rehab:

Don’t give up, don’t stop trying.