Alchohol on my mind

As I approached 1 week sober, yesterday it was a bit challenging as I was trying to make plans with my sister that is completely supportive of my soberity. The problem was trying to find something to do with her that didn’t involve alcohol. For so long it was a thing we did and now as things change its hard right now to find things to do that doesn’t involve drinking. I kept thinking to myself damn this is hard but we finally figured something out and we are going to explore somewhere we have never gone and go eat and get coffee. But I can’t say it still got me thinking like crap, this is life now. This is what self discovery is. Trying new things to discovery the new person you will be and it’s hard at times and has me self doubting but I didn’t drink last night and I still choose soberity.


That’s awesome that your sister is supporting you! And congratulations on 1 week!!! That’s a big accomplishment!

It is hard to figure out who you are and how to be sober in the world. I’m finding it challenging myself. I’m 8 days sober today. Still find myself just thinking… well now what do I do? Usually I’d have a drink in hand cleaning, or watching tv, or whatever… and now just trying to navigate my way around without a drink in hand. I like your idea of new experiences and fun.


It’ll all come together for you. You’ll find that life is a million times easier without booze. There are so many things to do, you’re doing the right things. Keep exploring!

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Congratulations on a week! That first week is the hardest in my opinion. As far as finding sober activities, be patient and have flexibility to allow yourself to try new things. Like Dan said, it will all come in time. I personally can’t imagine going back to a life of drinking. I’m having such a good time living a sober life.

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Congratulations! Re-learning how to seems hard at first. It gets better. New doors will open, and as they do…life get a better