Alcohol addiction question

I was talking to my therapist and describing the fact that I could take or leave beer or hard liquor - my addiction is wine. When I’m really struggling, the thought never crosses my mind to tap into the bottle of whiskey my husband has above the fridge or to drink beer that’s easily accessible. I just won’t/don’t do it. She said she hadn’t really ever heard of that, so I was wondering if anyone here has experienced the same thing?

If i may ask… How much were you drinking?

Do you think you have a problem.

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I drink a bottle of wine a night sometimes 2 at weekends. I never touch beer and don’t like spirits either so I can relate to this.

Enough to black out when I drink. And every day for a while until now where I am actively trying to stop.

It’s definitely a problem, unfortunately.

I bet the beer and liquor would look a lot more appealing if you didn’t have wine


I was like that. At the end of my drinking I exclusively drank white wine. Prior to that only red wine. It is irrelevant really.


I’m thinking that this maybe just the addiction trying to tell you that you are ok, because you only drink wine. How can there be a problem if you don’t drink anything else?
I’m thinking if we took away all the wine, you would suddenly be drinking something else.
Just my thoughts.

Yes I was the same way with beer. I liked wine sometimes at dinner, but I’d have just a glass or two and leave it at that. Beer on the other hand, I was drinking all day from start to finish, whatever time I started. I referred to myself as a Beeroholic. Never cared much for liquor either.

Regardless, it’s still alcohol and it’s a problem if we drink too much of whichever type of alcohol it may be. Especially to the point of blacking out; which I most certainly have. Wishing you much strength in your desire to stop drinking.

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When I was in treatment, about half of the girls drank exclusively wine, and a lot of it. The other half drank vodka. Wine is very strong. Alcohol is alcohol.