Alcohol and cavities?

So I hadn’t been to the dentist in a few years. They found over a dozen cavaties, some larger than others, in my teeth.

I don’t eat sweets or drink anything sugary. I just don’t. I’m very weight conscious. It was really surprising I had so many cavaties, and I started to wonder if alcohol was the culprit.

I rarely got them when I was younger. I’ve not really changed any brushing routine. I’ve had several year stints away from the dentist before and come out fine…

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I had a couple after not going to the dentist for several years. I drank lots of soda and didn have the best dental hygiene. Now I haven’t had any in at least 8 years. Through the height of my drinking I didn’t have any, but i would get lazy and skip some brushing before bed, but still no cavities.
I wouldn’t think it’s the alcohol unless you’re not brushing and flossing often.

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i’m going to say there’s a good chance… i’m not a dentist but, all i can say is i had a lot of teeth issues when i used to drink. nothing major, but my teeth were more sensitive, i’d have dry mouth often which also made them feel dirty even after being brushed. anyways i havent been to a dentist in awhile so i dont know if i have any.

I was primarily a red wine drinker and believe the acidity in the wine deteriorated the enamel on my teeth (as well as the associated spews :confused: ). I was also drinking lots of energy drinks during that time. I now have 5 cavities I’m working on getting fixed. I have no doubt alcohol played a role.

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Agree with @Becsta … It’s the acidity in things that really promotes rapid decay, not just sugar. Being drunk and simply not brushing your teeth regularly is also a pretty big contributors


Could be!! Do you drink sodas or do you use nicotine gum? Nicotine gum is terrible for your teeth, like altoids, the dentists friend.

Sorry you need so much work. The older I get, the less tolerant I am of dental work. Hope it goes smoothly.

I’m fortunate enough to not have this problem because I have dentures due to a childhood accident flipping over the handlebars of my bicycle and face planting into the pavement. I would guess your cavities could be caused by the alcohol because it is very high in sugar. I hope everything goes well and you have no pain. :smiley:

Four hours over two sessions lol. But it’s over. No I’ve never smoked

Glad you split it up!! Hopefully all good now! And good for you for never smoking!!

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Hope you feel ok. Great for you never smoking. :no_smoking:

Have you been really stressed? I have found that when I am under periods of more stress I’m prone to cavities. Of course I was drinking more then as well so maybe it was the combo!

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