Alcohol Anonimus Feedback Please?

Hi Guys
Have just spoken to A.A volunteer, and will be attending daily meetings (Kent, Uk) area from tonight

Has anyone experience and feedback of these meetings, and what to expect?

Many thanks

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At first, the fear of the unknown is the hardest part. Once you know how it works, that fear goes away. Just be honest. I was so scared to share my story the first time but was so relieved after I did. Best of luck to you.

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Congratulations on your decision! Don’t worry. You’ll be fine.

I’ve not been to meetings in Kent, only east Sussex. The meetings I’ve been to vary a little in format and atmosphere. My advice would be to try a few different ones. If the first one doesn’t suit you, try it again the following week, move on to another.

Just go with an open mind. You’ll be welcomed.

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Thanks Karen
will try some out starting tonight
Have a great day😀

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Thanks Sarah will give different meetings a go starrting tonight

I see you have given up for nearly 7 months

Congtatulations :+1::+1::+1:


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Thanks John. It’s nothing short of a miracle! I owe it all to AA.

Let us know how you get on :blush:

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Hi John went to a meeting many moons ago in Dartford was visiting my sister in Bexley Heath . Just sit and listen dont have to say anything but see if you can get phone numbers youl be ok take it from a old timer wish you well


I would suggest that you try to sit back listen at the first few meetings you attend. You can say your first name and that you are an alcoholic and want to pass if they call on you. It’s a good idea to get the feel of a meeting before you share. Also, I doubt if they want to hear a long story (5 min. or more) about all your drinking stories. It’s called a drunkalog. And, after the meeting, stick around to talk to people you could relate to in their share.
I know, some other people posted similar advice, but I had to put in my 2 cents.:wink:

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AA and the people within it saved my life. My suggestion is to keep an open mind and focus on your similarities not differences. Also, check out as many meetings as possible until you find one that feels like “home”.
Good luck, you’re going to do great.

There was a pretty good thread about this recently: What happens in AA meetings

Much of that experience is AA in the US. I attend AA regularly. Every meeting/group will be different. If you use the little magnifying glass above to search for “meetings,” there are even more links to read through.

A reminder I was given here that helped a lot for my first meeting: An Open Meeting may be best at first, maybe the volunteer already recommended something though? And there is no expectation or requirement that you will speak or introduce yourself. If asked, it’s okay to pass. It’s totally okay to go and just listen.