Alcohol meds

Hi all I am currently om day 10 sober. I am on ativan and pregabalin. Has any one been on them and are they a total success?? Thanks in advance

They have given me Ativan while I have been in rehabs in the past. They say that it is good to come off as soon as possible as it is easy to become addicted. Not sure about the other one. I have had good luck with Gabapentin. It takes the edge off without being to strong. Naltrexone is good as a daily maintenance med for alcohol also.

Congratulations on your sober 10 days :blush:

Those two meds can become very addictive. They probably put you on them to help wean you off alcohol and avoid issues from withdrawal. Since your ten days in an that would be almost a clinical detox, you may want to talk to your doctor about reducing them to get off them. I was on those meds for an autoimmune disease and I believe it helped trigger my relapse after 5.5 yrs of being AF.