Alcohol, now vaping?

Ok, here I go. I’ve been off alcohol now for 18 days and counting and I’m feeling pretty good. Although I’m not “cured” I’m having a positive day today. I gave up smoking about 8 years ago and replaced it with vaping. (“ not trying to get into the vaping debate “). The question/advice I’m looking for is: would it be too soon to quit another addiction( vaping)? Or am I just having a good day today and would set myself up for failure. Thanks :grinning:.


I’m only on day 2 so couldn’t tell ya ya shouldn’t but i wouldn’t… 1 day at a time and 1 thing at a time, your best to ask an admin bud

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Well done on 18 days!

There are worse things. I picked vaping back up in sobriety. To that I’ll only say you probably know the longer you stay in that the harder it is to put down.

I also know vaping never put the strain on my life drinking did though.

Do you have any other support for staying sober? I find a good group of sober connections makes a much bigger difference than the vape. The latter is just another monkey on my back.


I quit nicotine 5 months after quitting drinking. Smoking and vaping (I changed between the two, so count them as the same) definitely got me through to start with, especially the first few social occasions where I needed something to do with my hands.

I had a pretty bad spell of depression after quitting nicotine, no idea if they were linked. But regardless, quitting nicotine is known for mood swings and that might make your early sobriety harder than it has to be.


I’m 173 days clean and sober and I’m still not ready to give up vaping. I think it’s really up to the individual, you’ll know when you’re ready.

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Quit my vape last weekend. I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy another battery pack when the one I had broke. And it broke.
Over 15 months since I stopped drinking.
7 or 8 years after I stopped smoking cigarettes.
I had dropped down to the lowest NIC level a while ago.
It’s been a lot easier than I thought to be fair, but I already have the tools needed so half the battle is won.


I’ve been sober about 1.5 years this time - love my new sober life - I was truly ready to quit alcohol and relieved to have alcohol and pot out of my life
So it was easier this time because I truly wanted to quit
But I am not ready to give up my vape - I know nicotine is the hardest to quit - but I’m still creating my new peaceful universe and making lots of adjustments in my social life and environment - it’s like my one little perk - hanging by pool w sparkling water and my vape and good music - no alcohol or pot. . . Believe me it’s a big improvement😄
But I’m glad to see those who can quit - gives me hope for later

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I’m back at day 2 so I don’t really have much say in the matter, but when I quit last time I found the first few days/week of not vaping to be hugely anxiety and low mood enducing. This made me crave alcohol even more. On the other hand once I got passed that dopemine/seretonin lull and cravings for nicotine, I found quiting both to have the adverse effect. I felt better about myself for not vaping which boosted my esteem which is always good for recovery. If you are absolutely going to do it now - I’d say replace vaping with some sort of excersize straight away. You never ever feel like vaping after a run, even if you were craving like crazy before hand.

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Man foreal you can do anything you put your mind to if you wanna quit vaping tell yourself that’s what your gonna do then get the mentality that you won’t fail

I started smoking again since I quit drinking. I only have a cigarette whenever I get the urge to drink so late afternoon/early evening. It’s the only thing that has been helping my cravings. I’m not proud of myself and once I get some more sober days ahead of me I will quit smoking too. But right now I figure two cigs a day is better than two bottles of wine a night…

I’m on day 69 of quitting pot. Picked up vaping again. Quit regular smoking in 2016, vaped for a year and a half after that. I’m planning to quit vaping the way I did before. Just slowly cut back on the nicotine level and when I’m on zero nicotine for a while I’ll try to give up vaping again. It’s what worked for me before, I’m just not stable enough to quit vaping at this point.

Awesome be strong it took me 15yrs to say finally no weed no it’s my turn to live corny but I feel I got my brain back here’s to staying sober for 14months is my goal than gonna smoke a huge joint at the strait of Gibraltar where the two seas meet.

Here’s to dreaming my friend