Alcohol vs "real" drugs

I know we’ve discussed this here in the past but this popped up in my in box yesterday. I thought it was worth a share.


@VSue thanks for sharing.! Had the same thoughts quite often and tried to discuss with my friends. Most times they do not want to see it that way.

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The more I stay sober and think about these things, the more i keep seeing alcohol as just another drug. Ive never done any other drugs so alcohol is becoming a no-f*cking-way thing for me as well .


Of course they don’t, why would they? They don’t want to admit they are addicted to ~drugs~ :smiley:

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@Laualamp yeah, for sure. But what I don’t get is, they don’t realize that telling me this makes me feel weak and kind of stupid. Maybe they do not want me to quit and loose a partner in crime- sad