Alcohol withdrawals are ugh…

Anyone know how to help with this demon? And I’m at work :sob:

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every opportunity you get, especially if you can go outside is just stop and take ten deep breaths and breathe out slowly. Focus on the here and now and then just get through the next 10 minutes. Repeat until home time, this day does not last forever. Your going to be OK.


I relapsed a few days ago and I don’t want to go back.


You don’t have to, you get to make the choices now. The only drink you can’t have is the first one, you know what happens after that. I know you might think it impossible but if you need to go home no one can stop you. life can cope without you for the day but it might be best your at work just to keep you out of trouble. Put all that nervous energy into your work for awhile, show yourself what your made of.


They are awful, and I’m sorry you have to go through this while at work. I wouldn’t have been able to manage that. Lots of water and try to eat whatever your stomach will allow. Detox medically supervised is always a good choice.


Made it home. :sleepy: Thanks everyone for the help. I work retail pharmacy and it is so stressful with all the shots we have to give on top of the the scripts we have to fill and we are drowning in our work. So having these withdrawals at the same time is very hard. But I made it and I’m proud. Thank you.

Tomorrow is another day….gonna go meditate now. Crossing all my fingers and toes.I can do this. I now I can. I did it for 30 days a few months ago. I know I can do another 30+……till forever. :muscle:t4:


Proud of you, don’t worry about what’s happening in 30 days, like you said yourself ’ tommorow is another day’ so for now just enjoy the success of this one.


Maybe try ameeting might help as for withdrawls i tell my guys if they have any holidays to take use them to get over this wish you well


It doesnt feel like it now, but drinking is a choice. If you dont pick up that first drink, you will never have to go through any of this again.

I lived on here in the beginning. That got me to 89 days. I knew I was going to drink, so I made a choice. I choose to go to AA. I swore I never would. AA wasnt for a guy like me. I swallowed my pride and on day 90 I went. Today is day 1250.

Being sober is more than not drinking. Its relearning how to live. A lot of us needed help.


Day 5…whoohoo….shaking alot


How are you doing?
Hope everything is getting better

I’m doing great!! Ended the 8th day. Stress levels are thru the roof. Try to breathe to keep me sane


Heck yeah, 8 days!

For physical stuff, I suggest focusing on the basics. Don’t drink, no matter what! Stay hydrated, eat and sleep on a regular schedule (even if it’s hard still, esp sleep), bit of exercise if only a walk after dinner.

I did that stuff and as my sleep and stuff leveled out I physically felt less stressed.

Of course, a lot of lingering things were left I had to deal with. A recovery program relieved that. Never felt better!

Keep coming back and tell us how ya doing!


Thank you! Yes, I started doing those chores I’ve been putting aside and hobbies. Just keep myself occupied. Been great. Still pushing but stronger. Thank you again.

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Take it easy. 8 days is awesome! Be proud of yourself. It will get easier. Think of it like this. Your brain is going through changes. This is a good thing. Withdrawals is a sign of healing. It will get better trust me. Stick to it. One day at a time.

Good for you. I’m not as far as you. Keep it up man. Great to see people that quit right around the same time.

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