Alcohol withdrawl symptoms

Hello. I am 6 days sober & feeling so horrible i cant even drink. Im so confused & disorientated forgetting everything. Are the normal symptoms? Please tell me your worst alcohol withdrawl symptoms :hugs::hugs::hugs:

Confusion and disorientation are some of the more severe withdrawal symptoms, these likely come with seizures. If you haven’t had any seizures then that is awesome! However if your withdrawals get worse I would suggest going to your doctor and getting a medical detox, that can get dangerous.

Do you have tremors to accompany the confusion/disorientation?


No tremors. just really confused. feels like im in a dream. its horrible. just trying 2 stay busy :slight_smile::slight_smile:

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Everyone is different it all depends on how much you consumed alcohol. I was a daily drinker so when I got sober I had tremors, vomiting, confusion, loss appetite, no sleep for days, etc… it’s worth going through it so you learn not to do it again.

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I would definitely check in with a Dr. Keep yourself safe. Withdrawing from alcohol can be lethal when the problem is severe.

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I’ve detoxed off of pretty much every drug at one point or another and each one is it’s own special kind of hell. Alcohol detox can most certainly be lethal, but you are past that point by Day 6 or 7. A good multivitamin can help with a lot of symptoms. Excedrin is good for headaches and has caffeine for a little energy boost. Once you are able to climb out of bed start exercising as much as your body can handle. It releases endorphins and gives a natural high. Mentally you will want to keep your head clear. Try meditation or prayer. Also get a solid 8 hours of sleep if possible. Melatonin is a good natural sleep aid and can be purchased OTC. Lastly stay hydrated!


That’s where I’m at… Good advice… Thank you so much…Im on day 15 and I feel good… Next step is get back to the gym… I was so happy when I worked out brother I cannot vouch for that enough… Especially if you work out with your best buds… It’s very warming to the soul…


I wish I enjoyed the gym even a little bit but I don’t. I do love running and biking alot. I also work a job that requires me to lift heavy stuff 8 hours a day. In 2 weeks doing that I’ve lost weight and gained muscle

Im sober day 10. My symptoms seem to be getting worse. The confusion is horrible & my eyes are feeling funny. Im staying hydrated but have not been eating much. Is this normal to still be happening I feel like I’m going crazy. Everything feels unreal & its so scary

Get to the doctor. ASAP

Get to the doctor or even the hospital. ASAP

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I’d second getting to the hospital.

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I think I’m having tremors now. Feels like my bones are shaking inside. It’s been 4 days.,

I had the sweats bad and a lot of vomiting. My stomach wouldn’t stay settled. I kept shaking and couldn’t sleep but it seems to be getting better. I’m an hour or so from 8 days.