Alcoholic Neuropathy

Hi, I’ve noticed increasingly over the last few years that I get tingly sensations in my feet/hands which can last up to a week after a night of binge drinking…

I finally found out about alcoholic neuropathy, and it seems similar to this?

Does anyone have any experience of this?

I’m not really sure if i should go to a Doctor about it, or what I should do?

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Don’t waste your time going to the doctor. He’s going to give you all kinds of tests and send you to specialists just for them to tell you it’s the alcohol. I’m a daily drinker of 30 years and this year I’ve noticed a marked increase of the tingle/numbness in my hands feet and thighs. The alcohol is killing the nerve endings. It will get worse over time. The only thing that can reverse it is abstinence. Which I need to do myself. Good luck.


I am suffering from symptoms of Neuropathy. It is usually associated with diabetics but I am not a diabetic, I am however a recovering alcoholic. It was severe at first and really flares up at times but pretty much remains constant. Do some research on natural remedies to help with nerve pain. I was on Lyrica(?), which did wonders for the nerve pain, but I had to evaluate the cost of the prescription with the pain I was feeling. It does get better with time. There are stretches and other exercises to help with the pain.

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I get this a lot when I use alcohol. When I stop drinking it goes away.

Thanks for sharing that info.

Great straight to the point article… Alcohol strips your body of vitamins and minerals thus the secondary illnesses and complaints… Good diet and supplements are essential, especially at the beginning of recovery… :slight_smile:

So if you have numbness in the foot is there a particular vitamin that could help? Is a multi vitamin suitable? I have had this a while. Does seem to be improving a bit since laying off the alcohol.