Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Quit Drinking

Anyone read this book before? I first heard about it from Nikki Glaser on the Joe Rogan podcast. I looked into it some more and read a lot of good reviews about it so I decided to give it a go and I just finished it myself. It was a pretty quick read and mostly focused on challenging the way we justify drinking to ourselves.


I read this version…


Hey buddy…I sure did. It was one of the pieces of literature I got myself when I first got sober. I was a pretty voracious reader of anything sobriety related that I could get my hands on. His book did a lot to help me reframe the way that I viewed alcohol and drinking. I got a lot out of it and would recommend. Be well out there💛

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Had a wee look he died 2006 with lung cancer . i got sober with the big book ,

Ive just finished this book easy way to quit drinking for women ! Definitely makes u see alcohol in a different light ! Im free from it I may only be on day 1 but im putting the book into practice! Definitely worth the read


This is the one I read. It was a very good book and when I have a period of struggle I re-read it. Very good book :+1::pray:t2::two_hearts:


Allen Carr uses classic CBT methods to reframe the way we view alcohol and situatuations that causes us to abuse alcohol. This is based on tried and true evidence based behavioural therapy - so if you take the ideas and lessons from this book in your stride, it will make your journey far easier. I would also recommend the book Change Your Thinking by Sarah Edelman as supplementary reading to Allen Carrs book. These two books combined will equip you with a powerful and life changing set of tools to stay sober. Trust me. This stuff works.

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