Allergy analogy

Just posting this if anyone can use it for themselves.

So, in my reading of the AA big book, a part of the reading stood out to me and keeps me focused on sobriety in my times of want.

Last fall, I found out that I am allergic to sulfa medications. Swelled up like a Ballon.

When I went into rehab, I had to wear a bright red allergy bracelet. Looked at it daily of course.

When I was reading the big book, the doctors analogy of alcoholism and addiction being that of an allergy (the bodies adverse reaction to a substance) seemed weird and unrealistic.

Then one night, we had a guest speaker who is involved with AA, bring up the allergy topic.

He asked us, “Would someone with a peanut allergy, who hadn’t eaten a peanut in 2 years, say to themselves that I could have a couple of peanuts.”

That statement hit me like a brick. It made me realize that I can never have alcohol again, or I could die. Even if it doesn’t kill you outright, it will eventually.

So every time I think of drinking, I remind myself of this, and it gets me through.

Thought I would share in case this helps anyone else.


I do love the big book .and yes it is a Great reminder . I can never drink or use anything again and im fine by that . The texts do hit me over and over again . Keep the focus stay on the path and axcept what i am . IT is a while since i let go of my shame . If we do the right things we will gain something big. I found my higher power

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I’ve read that too. And the question I have always had is, “Why can’t I have a few drinks and be a social drinker like my friends?”

Why is it that if I have a few beers it feels like there is demon inside me that comes alive and wants to take control. Like an allergic reaction.

I have to except who I am and be strong. Because I have grown to hate who I am when I’m weak.


Thank you both @Goose and @timetogrow I needed to hear both those things today!


Do not give up on your self,that goes for all of us :slight_smile: between the lines i find the force

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That’s a great analogy. Going to remember that one. Thanks @Goose