Almost 1 week, body hurts, is this normal?


Hi guys. . so day 6 is almost over. Today I woke up with sore muscles all over , my hips, my arms my shoulders. Is this normal? Also I’ve caught a cold, I never get sick. Cravings aren’t so bad today. But sugar cravings are. :-/ hope I don’t gain weight


I felt like I had the worst case of flu for about a week. The sugar cravings are also very real. What you are feeling is totally normal. The aches will soon go away. The sugar cravings … well, we’ll talk about that later. Lol.


I remember the first time I tried to quit after 11 long years of drinking and drug use I did experience muscles pain especially in my legs, freaked me out because I had no idea why it was happening didn’t make any sense to me. Eventually it does go away and is a normal common reaction to detox, keep your head up girl and keep on fighting.


Sugar cravings are common during alcohol withdrawal. Hang in there!


Turmeric supplements help me with all manner of aches and pains, so much so that I don’t take any OTC pain-relievers.


After shoving alcohol and drugs in my body for almost 20 years when I began to detox which if you think about it is longer then how long it actually takes for the drug to get out of my system I didn’t notice but recognize now that…my diet while I was using had to change too…of course there was about a 45-60 period where my body was just craving sustanence but I think that is a natural response to repair itself…see it wasn’t just the drugs or alcohol,it was the way I approached everything in life…I used to just eat whatever,hardly hydrate and use all the time…so when I detoxed of course I stopped using but then I noticed the way I was drinking and eating food didn’t leave me feeling very well,especially after my body got whatever nutrients it needed to pull through the detox…

My suggestion:get some multivitamins,plenty of water and begin to balance your meals,1/3 protein 1/3 carbs1/3 fruits veggies around the 5-600 calorie marker per meal with something like a couple of 2-300 calorie snacks****
You’ll be surprised how much diet and excersize is instrumental in feeling and looking good,mentally and physically


Push water. It helped me. Gatorade for electrolytes helped me. Might help u. Hope so.


Yes, aches and sugar cravings. I am going through that also. Ive been taking turmeric, and a multivitamin, which helps a ton. Also, treat yourself to a massage. It is great for releasing toxins, stress, and just making your body feel good!


Flu-like symptoms are very common…and I imagine they would be even more pronounced if you actually are sick at the sametime.

Just get lots of rest and drink lots of fluids. It will pass.


I will add that some people recommend allowing yourself the sugar during this time. I’ve read some stuff that goes against that thinking though. Apparently we react to sugar in a similar way that we react to alcohol (assuming that is your DOC) so by giving into the sugar cravings you may just be kicking the can down the road.

I suggest listening to your body. If you NEED some sugar go for it, but don’t over indulge. You don’t want to just exchange one “high” for another.


What strength of turmeric supplement do you recommend


I use these


Nice @Yoda-Stevie I drink tumeric tea, tastes foul but worth it.


Rest rest rest! However much rest you need is down to you and your body. I had severe fatigue first two weeks and was irritable on the first week. Some aches some pains, they still come and go but not as bad and seem to be getting better. Time is on your side to heal.


Thank you that’s great