Almost 21 days from kicking the weed

Had to buy food yesterday and i passed through the weed cafes.

Kept on walking.

Did not stop.

I bought my food and drove back home.

My eating improved around day 5 though I still smoke cigarettes.

Dreams have recently involved joints. I tend to smoke in them and wake up feeling so guilty then bam!! It was only just a dream.

Day at a time, been smoking for about 10 years. Am very thin but feel much better now.


Each day we decide to stay sober is a good day! Congratulations!

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The appetite comes back, as does the sleep. Your mental health also will improve along with your energy levels. Keep up the good work.

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Congratulations on your sobriety! I am on day 11 of my sobriety from weed, after being a heavy smoker for 20 years. It’s been a struggle to eat, I’ve actually lost 10 lbs in those 11 days, and I really cant afford to lose that weight. So I feel your struggle! You are almost a month clean! Keep up the amazing work!!


So this may seem counterintuitive, but have you considered eating sugary and high in fat foods? I know how hard it is to eat anything when you quit weed so what little you do eat needs to help keep your weight on. Once your appetite comes back you can then start eating healthier

Well, aside from my ADHD, smoking helped with my anorexia… which is another battle I am fighting with myself. I am trying to make a more conscious effort to eat. But where I feel out of control with not smoking, not eating is what I CAN control right now. I know it doesn’t make much sense, but anorexia is one of the first “addictions” I acquired at the age of 14…

Thank you so much I appreciate your kind words

Congrats on your own achievement :wink:
Have always been not much of a sweets person but I’ve recently been craving burgers, kfc etc- you know, junk food. I remember the taste from munchies I guess but I’m still eating much less

I also have a physical job which helps with sleep coz nights I’m tired and sometimes I have night shifts. My lifestyle has helped so far prevent a relapse. Guys try and do physical stuff coz it has worked for me so far not necessarily when fighting cravings but rather fit it in your day to day routines. I don’t have scientific reasoning behind this but it’s just sharing I guess