Almost cracked but didnt

So I recently found out im anemic because of blood loss in my GI tract. Should hopefully just be hemorrhoids, but its been going on for years. My performance in excercise and sports has been trying to say the least. Always tired. Sex drive low. Hopefully after some banding I will be feeling better. I guess I was feeling sorry for myself and had a case of the F its.

Anyhow. I went to pick up some iron supplements. The liquor store is right next door. I made up my mind I was going to have a beer and a few shots at today, day 79. The store was closed and I had chsnged my mind as I walked up anyway.

Not posting for the goos jobs, but because im really happy I didnt. Tomorrow is a new day that I will enjoy knowing I didnt succumb to my addiction. I feel so relieved hours later instead of feeling crappy as the booze wore off…plus I probably wouldnt hve stopped at once that stuff hit my bloodstream.

Hopefully anyone who is close to cracking reads this and take it to heart. I am so happy I didnt crack. Tomorrow is a new day. Im happy I didnt donit although I was riggggght there.


Glad you made the right choice!
About the anemia: I was very low in iron for years and tried everything including iron pills (I was a vegan at that time). Nothing seemed to work… But then I read about heem/non-heem iron and fixed my low iron with liver and red meat (obviously not vegan anymore ;)) Not the best taste (liver), but it definately worked for me. I’m back on normal levels atm.

Glad you are still on the sober path!! :confetti_ball:
If you swallow your iron pills with orange juice the iron is better absorbed because of the vitamin C.
Hope you feel better soon!

Also, take them at night as your morning coffee or tea will inhibit absorption. :muscle: