Almost done with day 11!

I am in the double digits hooray. Have to tut my own horn but that’s ok.

So tell me, is it normal to feel annoyed with others at this stage in the game? Can’t help but wonder if he has always been this annoying or if its just because I am not drinking. I littlerly can’t stand to be around him.

Then again I am quite restless but I am always that way. Even a bit more right now as I don’t have a hang over making me feel drug down. I really need to find away to burn off this excess energy. Yard work isn’t doing it an it can’t be something sitting still. Guess I am just going to have to hike alone as people say they want to but then have excuses as to why there unavailable. A big part of my issues metting new people!

I miss playing pool but that environment isn’t good for me right now. Grrr.

Well here is to day 11 coming to an end.


First off, loving the moon pictures. :crescent_moon:

And there certainly can be an emotional rollercoaster. If you skim some other threads there are plenty of examples. It’s my day 20 and things are mellower now. The first week I had a couple spats of overwhelming guilt or unfettered rage at work to keep in check.

Have you been doing any reading or going to any meetings yet?

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I have read a book but not an aa book it was more pertaining to why I started in the first place and dealing with that emotional rollercoaster and it has helped I think it’s why I have made it this far.

But no I have not been to any AA meetings… :frowning: That seems to be a hard one for me.

I am glad you like the pictures. Guess I should use my camera to take some insted od my phone. Better quality!!


Wow! Atsa good one.

And just curious. I haven’t been yet either. Also a lot of reading including AA. The reading sure does help. I know it helped me sort out my reactions to things, both from after and before I would drink. And though there might be a few people on here rolling their eyes at me at this point, the books and the forum have me ready and believing a meeting is what I’ve been missing to make it stick this time.

Anyway! I hope you’re feeling a bit better now. Thank you for the awesome picture!

Let me know how your meeting goes. I struggle with people in person so I think that’s why I have not gone yet! Good luck to you!

No eye rolling here either. We all have our own paths that we must take an no one’s is the same.

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I was irritable and not a nice person to be around at times. My Dr gave me something to reduce my anger and irritability. It’s worked great. I still have my moments but they are not even close to being as bad

I just started going to meetings also, it was so weird for me to have strangers talk so openly about their lives, their addictions. Share their tears. It was raw. It was beautiful to see actually! I have a really hard time showing my emotions, it’s outside of my comfort zone totally at this stage in life. Which is actually why I keep going lol. Growth comes that way! Until you’re ready, you can check out Smart meetings they host online. I too have been irritable, seeing my entire life and all of my relationships differently. Getting used to such a major life change is no small deal! You’re doing great, keep trucking forward girlfriend! :heart:

I am use to strangers telling me there life stories in a short amount of time. Guess I should have been a counselor. But as for me sharing is not as easy. Here not a big deal in person is a different story.

Had to fight some cravings last night. I know it’s one day at a time but I am.worried about this weekend. It’s my 3 days weekend. I have to find something to keep myself busy. Well hope you all have a good day! Thanks for the support.