Almost drank

I got in an arguement with my mom and sister today. I hate that I have to live with then. I wish j would’ve made better choices in my past. I hate being back at home with mom at 26. They both made me so pissed. My first thought was to go to the store and by three 99 apples. I didn’t though. That’s the closest I’ve came. I don’t know how to deal with my anger. I react without thinking and I always make situations bigger than they really are. Ugh. I hate this.


What exactly is that?

Thank you for the advice. I am going to look into it. I’m sure they have something like that around here.

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Well done, overcoming triggers is half the battle!

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I can definitely answer any questions about how I got to my place, but they vary greatly. As I type this I’m fairly upset by the resident walking diabetes machine bc he’s been on the phone in the hallway for the last 20 mins, and he talks just about as loud as you think someone who weighs 400 lbs would


Ok rant over. I get cranky when I get woken up at 630.

So I live in a supportive living house. It’s run by a local rehab. They have 3 tiers of housing. Inpatient, which is very restrictive and includes detox. From there people go to the halfway house. They still have a ton of restrictions but can go out during the day. Then there’s supportive housing. We have basically no restrictions. I get drug tested every few weeks or so. I have to see my counselor once a week, but now with work I think he’s going to let me slide on that. We also have an 11 pm curfew that is loosely enforced. We also have weekend passes if you need to travel.

This particular place is funded by welfare. I had to apply and get approved for assistance. In this county they throw money at the addiction crisis, so if you are in recovery it’s pretty easy to get approved. Eventuality they help you find employment. I kinda stumbled into a job then got another one lined up so I’m probably going to only be here 3 months. Most people stay 9 months or so.


It makes my heart happy that there are places dedicated to taking so much care of people like us. Here in Pitt they are just scrambling to figure out what to do. They shut down so many of the detox and rehabs here years ago and now they just dont have the programs available. They are trying to get it together but it’s taking so much time. Basically most people are going the Western Psych route because it’s impossible to find anything else here for immediate help. I hope they get their shit together soon because the opioid epidemic is insane here. And it’s made so much worse because it’s centered here in Bloomfield and everyone who’s buying the pills are also spending all their time in the bars. The only people I know who have tried to get outside help had money support from family and went far, far away. Unfortunately most of those people have turned back to using because the support here is just shit.

I will say, however, that the Western Psych and CPCDS systems are crazy helpful for what they do. Just wish there was other options. A lot of people aren’t okay with going to the nuthouse. Haha, I’ve never had a problem with it. I’m batshit crazy and I ain’t trying to pretend I’m anything else. Booze and benzos helped make me that way and I needed those stays to get me on the right track.

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So if you know people looking there’s pyramid in the city. There’s a place in Beaver. And cove forge (where I went) is in Altoona. Gateway is around too but I’m not sure where. Washington has a bunch of halfway houses. I only got to know of all this because of my time in rehab.

Good to know. I kinda wish I would have gone a sober living route. I knew a couple people in IOP who were on waitlists and damn it seemed like it took forever. But they were those people who weren’t really done using, so I’m not sure how much effort they really put into it.

A buddy of mine told me a few months ago that they were going to be reopening some treatment facilities in Braddock or South Braddock. Can’t ever keep the two straight. Haha, the one near Turtle Creek. But yeah, he was super psyched about it because apparently they used to have a few centers and they were really good places, complete with the sober living system.

It’s just such a damn shame that those places got shut down in the first place.

Braddock. And I’ve heard of that as well. Not sure what the status is though

my situation is a little different the guys at my local NA meetings just get a place to rent and run the houses so its not affliated with any rehab or anything like that. So i dont have a better suggestion then say go to local AA/NA meetings and see if anyone in your area might know of any.

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where are you from? I am in Uniontown for recovery

I’m from Evans City originally, but live in Syracuse now. I did my inpatient at Cove Forge. I’m guessing someone you live with has gone there lol. I went to college at Cal U, right up the road from you.

Evans City is near cranberry township.

yea i have heard of cove forge and I went to Cal U as well haha thats pretty cool

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Hahaha that’s awesome! I graduated fall of 2007. I barely remember my time there honestly.

yeeea I didnt make it past my first semester… addiction ya know? yea… lol

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Yeah I’m well aware of how that goes. Mine decided to string me along until it robbed me of a career. I used to live across the street from Campys

haha campys … wish i could say it was good sober… but yea Dorm C for me lol

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I was a transfer so I never lived in the dorms. Honestly, I could barely find the campus when I lived there.

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