Almost lost it

Day 69 without alcohol. For really no reason besides to “just relax” I took a sip of wine… was in my mouth i asked myself why am I doing this and what will the benefit be. I spit it out and washed my mouth out with water. I didnt reset the clock as I didnt swallow the wine. Feeling pretty good about my decision to NOT drink even though I was super close.


That is my biggest fear slipping into habits. In my past I would celebrate anything with alcohol. Any occasion deserved a drink. Im happy you didn’t drink the wine and congrats on your sobriety


Thanks! I was the same way with celebrating anything and everything. Such a slippery slope. Clearly I need to stay even more busy so I don’t fall into the trap again.

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I replaced bad habits with good and began new hobbies. Life is better sober and alert. :unicorn: