Almost unbelievable

Today is 90 days for me… woo hoo! :metal::+1::fireworks::sparkler::sparkles: Although I’ve had some pretty intense cravings over the last 4-5 days, thay have been fleeting because I’ve been able to distract myself so they go away. I can’t believe how different i feel… i guess because I’m not poisoning myself on a daily basis. Good luck to all you fighters, and have a great sober weekend!!


Congrats on your 90 days!! Well done!! Keep at it!!

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Wow, that’s incredible! I wanna be like you when I grow up (grow up another 51 days, that is :wink:)
Congratulations on not giving in to cravings and pressure.

Congrats on the big 90! Sounds like you know what to do when the cravings hit. Great job. :smile:

@anon73712025. Congratulations 3 months and yes it feels great! Keep at it it gets better too. Great job

90 days is amazing !! Keep up the good work

Yea congratulations keep up the good work