Am I crazy? Or is the psychiatrist?

Hi everyone, it’s been a few weeks. I will actually contribute to this platform once I manage to finally get in a good sober space again. Anywho, I’d be extremely grateful for your opinions before I go get another medical opinion.

So… my psychiatrist changed up my meds a few weeks back and things got weird. Since then I had one other alcohol relapse when more things got weird. I’m trying my hardest to get my shit together and stop drinking. I’ve been off drugs for nearly 4 months, why is alcohol so much harder? I’m at my wit’s end in more ways than 1.

Today I had an appointment with said psychiatrist. I beared my soul. Described symptoms I’ve had since I was a teen. And he suggested a new med. He talked about it as if it’s some sort of miracle drug. This energy giving, focus creating Limitless pill. He also said it could work great or be a complete disaster (his words.)

While queueing in the pharmacy I decided to google this tablet. It’s… an antipsychotic developed for schizophrenia. I’m crazy, but never experienced psychosis.

From my understanding of my research, this pill is a wild wolf compared to the SSRIs I’m already on. I’m not comfortable with taking that. Side effects include weight gain, dropping dead (extremely rare… but still) diabetes and dizziness. I already live with daily brainfog, I don’t need help. It also didn’t help that he said it could be great for me or shit, made me feel like a bloody experimental rat. Apparently some psychiatrists give it to BPD people and it may or may not work. I can’t handle another life disaster, I wanted help, not some experimental drug that could make me better with the potential of killing me.

So… after my therapy session with my counsellor, I messaged this psychiatrist and told him I’m not comfortable with taking those meds. He got into a strop and said I should ‘think about it some more’. I suggested we arrange another face to face appointment next week to discuss my issues further, he said ‘we’ll talk next month.’

Now I feel conflicted. Am I a dick for not wanting to take meds that the doctor himself said could make me worse? Would I be in the wrong if I were to seek advice from another psychiatrist?

Anyone had similar issues before?


Can not really say much to it, but sounds like a second opinion or another doctor would be a good idea. Next to that, if your guts feeling is telling you it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t. All the best.


You’re entitled to get a second opinion from another psychiatrist if you want to. No need to feel bad about it.

I’m on anti-depressants so I have my experience. However, this is such an individual and specified subject matter that I would advice to talk to a trained health care professional. Don’t alter your medication based on the advice you get here (no offence to anyone).


This particular med wasn’t approved for the treatment of BPD by any country. Some psychiatrists use it based on anecdotal data. I’m not comfortable taking it after spending hours researching it. I wanted help. I actually feel a bit… sad. I had put so much hope in this doctor and it feels like he just wants to use me for his personal patient anecdotal experiment.


A second opinion from someone specialised is always a option


You’re right. I wouldn’t alter my opinion based on what people on here say. I just wanted to check if you guys think me seeing a different psychiatrist and not agreeing with the one I have is a bad decision? I need psychiatric help, but I also feel I need a second opinion. I haven’t gone to med school, but I know my issues.


I hear you. It’s not a bad decision. It’s your life, your body, your call.

I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t receive the help you were looking for. I hope the next doctor sees your situation better. What other things you have supporting your mental health? A programme, a therapist/counsellor, a group, anything like that?

Don’t lose hope. Recovery is tricky and can take time but it’s worth it. Congrats on being off drugs for 4 months! And whatever time you have without alcohol! Every moment counts!


I have 4 days with alcohol and 4 months off the cocaine. Today I wanted to go crazy drunk but I didn’t. I do want a different doctor tho.


Don’t get hung up on the fact that it’s an antipsychotic, I have depression and anxiety and am on (along with my SNRI Cymbalta) a medication called Latuda which is technically an atypical antipsychotic but for me is a mood stabilizer, I have never been psychotic either. Well, couple times with the meth.

Anyway Latuda has pretty much cured my lifelong depression and anxiety and been a miracle drug for me.


Get a second opinion. Don’t beat yourself up. You are concerned about the side effects and that is a normal reaction.


I have not, at least not quite like this.

I agree though. It’s totally reasonable to seek a second opinion if you’re uncomfortable with the medication be suggested.

Just be honest with doctor number two, and follow up with doctor number one about your concerns. See how it goes, and have a plan with the doctor what to do in the meantime.

From what you say, it sounds like your first psych is already aware of past habits also?


Yup, I was fully honest with psych 1 and him suggesting that med caught me off guard. I’m gonna get a 2nd opinion, he was too defensive when I said I don’t want another ‘disaster’.


I’m not hung up on the fact that it’s an atypical psychotic. The main thing that made me question it was the psychiatrist saying it could be ‘great’ or a ‘disaster’. That sounds like I’m a bloody joke to him. As soon as I questioned it, he said I’ll have to wait until next month to see him again.

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Dropping dead is one of the listed side effects (extremely rare but there, especially more prevalent in overweight people, like me). Thank you. I will see another doctor before trying these meds, they sound to extreme for me.

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Follow your intuition. That’s all I have to say about that.


Please put my topics on ignore and don’t reply to them.

I know for myself there was a period of time here where I definitely got my hackles up over responses to some of my posts. I was kindly reminded that most people are indeed here to support and offer their perspective. Few people are here to simply antagonize, tho indeed it can feel that way for sure when we are hurting.

This is why the Forum Rules and Guidelines contain this…


My psychiatrist has prescribed me around 15 different SSRI/SNRI/tricyclic drugs and they all failed

It’s why I am forcing myself to get off my medications that I do take, that I thought would benefit me.

Well, one of them wiped out my longterm and short-term memory, and it has taken me about a year to get off of them (I still have some work to do)…and slowly, my regular brainpower is coming back.

What i have learned, from the 12 years of being way too medicated, is that my psychiatrist had, and also has no idea what he is doing.

I take mostly natural remedies now and meditation.

Alcohol is perhaps the most difficult drug to get off of. I got lucky by quitting alcohol first, and then tapering off my benzos, to avoid DTs…yes, I used to drink alcohol daily along with benzos, which is a possibly deadly combination

I would suggest you try GABA, kava, and CBD, to help aid you in quitting alcohol. All three of these interact with the same areas of the brain that alcohol works on.

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I would say, in my amateur opinion, that neither of you are crazy, and that you are struggling understandably with deep issues.

I’d give the meds a chance, take as directed for several months, like really take them as directed, and see how I felt afterwards, but that’s me.

For your peace of mind, like others said, get a second and third opinion from mental health professionals, and make an informed decision.


I been through the run of the mill my fair share of prescription drugs that were suppose to make me better, always a possibility of adverse side affects just the chance we take. It kind of was like a guessing game the way i saw things might work might not, they dont have it down to a complete science, what works well for some might not work for others. Some times my meds helped me other times they made me crazy, theres so many different drugs out there, who knows what we’re really getting and if we really need the stuff, unless your a doctor or pharmacist. Its complicating trying to get the right concoction of meds to keep us well, but just have to find what works best for you.