Angry all of the sudden

Hi everyone.

I have noticed that I have been super angry lately. I have been lashing out at anyone and everyone around me.

I think this might be because I am trying to quit a few addictions and change my diet all at once.

Been working on getting sober from alcohol and zyn pouches. It has been difficult trying to keep my head straight.


Hey man, I’m in a similar situation. I would worry about staying sober off of alcohol first and foremost, that is a tall task all by itself. I personally took a two week break from vaping nicotine, and have felt a lot better physically from doing this. That being said I did pick it back up yesterday in a stressful situation. I’m not beating myself up about not quitting everything at once and eating healthier. Right now not drinking is the most important thing for me. If I eat McDonald’s, and vape a bit, I’m not too worried about it at this point in my sobriety. Cut yourself some slack. Focus on one thing at a time and it will all fall into place and work itself out. When I quit everything and focused on healthy eating I was doing way too much at once and was pissed off. Now I just go with the flow and no matter what “ just don’t fucking drink”. Hope this helps man! :+1:t3::call_me_hand:t3:


Very solid input. I appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with me! I’ll try hard to stay aware of what is setting me off.

Glad to help! Keep fighting the good fight man, you got it.

Hi! A similar situation. I decided to immediately quit drinking, cigarettes and establish a healthy diet. Already on the second day I chose the greatest of the evils and gave priority to alcohol. You need to set visible goals and everything will work out.


Good call! I’ll give that some thought as to what that will look like this weekend.

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Damn zyn pouches!! I was never a smoker or anything, but starting doing zyn on the river when I fly fish. It’s basically been over a year now and since I quit drinking I do them. Ugh.

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Good work on not drinking for a year! Mad props!

I am not a smoker either, but picked up the zyn habit from a buddy while out drinking one night.

Personally I have been upset constantly lately. I pent up some fairly righteous anger for years and in no way dealt with my feelings in a healthy way. Now I find myself lashing out at times and misplacing some of my frustration on people in my life years later. It’s made developing friendships almost impossible. There were certain things I never was willing to share with anyone else and I kept it inside. Only now do I recognize how unhealthy that was. I’ve learned not to be ashamed of feeling upset or angry but to be ashamed of my actions while I feel upset. I would recommend talking with someone before your thoughts manifest into actions you’ll later regret.

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The anger will probably go away mostly once you’ve been sober longer. Don’t let it cause you to drink

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I started listening to a podcast that gives advice on the road to sobriety and recovery. One of the biggest mistakes it said one can make is to go on a full health overhaul like quitting any addiction and trying to jump into a strict diet and workout regimen. Sobriety already will be a tough road and one that will need full focus. My first week and I’m only 10 days in I just focused on the one day and nothing else was a priority. I have always been to the gym that’s a part of my routine but last week I did not set foot there at all. My body, mind and soul did not have the energy for it. This week has been better. I have mental clarity and energy since I have been having fulls night rest. My suggestion would be tackle one thing at a time. Be easy on yourself too. Taking the step to sober up from any addiction is already a big task. Wishing best of luck. Keep reaching out for help when needed.

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Yep, doing an overall health haul while overcoming addiction is very hard! I tried to quit alcohol, get in the best exercise shape of my life and quit sugar at once. It lasted two days. I was frustrated with everything and just wanted to curl up into a ball, so as not to lash out at the people I love the most - hubby and kids.

I game myself permission to just walk for exercise for now, because it helps with keeping any cravings at bay and getting me centered. Any more serious training will have to wait.

I’m 83 days AF and have had ice cream every night since my worst withdrawal symptoms subsided. And that’s ok for now.

Also, some literature that talks about what alcohol was really doing to my body - the chemical process that leads to adding anxiety, insecurity, and feeling crappy overall instead of “relaxing” me - helped me keep my cool instead of reaching for a drink when I felt like I “needed” or “deserved” one. Learning that alcohol does not relax you at all and makes any existing problem worse was really helpful.

Be kind to yourself and find the balance you need now, knowing that your other overall health goals can wait a bit. There’s no hurry for that. Quitting alcohol is a massive effort, give your body and mind some time to adjust to it before putting an even taller order for yourself. :heart: