AnimeGirl here, day 1

Hello everyone. My first day starting sobriety after another relapse. I’m new to this app and this support community. I am determined to stay positive about this new start. I was really disappointed in myself when my bf found my hidden cans. It’s the first relapse I’ve had with him and it was harder on me bc it wasn’t just myself I let down, but him as well.

I poured out all that was left and I promised him that I will get better and I am stronger than this.


Welcome and congratulations on day 1 of sobriety I would suggest trying to find some AA meetings around your area they help me a lot also just take it one day at a time and don’t be to hard on urself we are human we all make mistakes its what you do after that’s important and you being here and admitting that you have a problem is a great start u got this I’m rooting for you


Stay strong, don’t dwell on disappointment. I’m new here too but these people seem ok :blush:.

Last time I went through withdrawals I had to get an uber home from the hospital and my uber driver was a retired veteran and recovering alcoholic and he told me “don’t look back in the past, there’s nothing there, only look forward”. I try to remember that when I start beating myself up for the past. Not that I’m saying you shouldn’t learn from the past, or like the blue book (the AA book) says “make amends where you can” but that’s a further step of recovery that I’m not even on yet.


Hey! I’m new here as well, first day of sobriety was yesterday. Don’t let your setbacks hold you back. Learn from it, and keep pushing forward. One day at a time, or even one hour, or one minute at a time. You’ve got this! This community seems to be very powerful and uplifting, and watching that tracker add numbers, even by the minute, has already helped me want to continue this journey. Stay strong 🫶🏼