Annoying Dreams

So ive been having dreams about using. Like specifically one substance that i was REALLY addicted to and havent used in over 2 years. It keeps popping up in my dreams. The hardest part is I’m using in the dream, i feel the sensation of being high in the dream, so when I wake up nthe craving is there but so intense because it literally felt like i was just doing it, followed by an almost guilty feeling too. Its so strange and unfortunate. And really…theres not too much i can do about it to stop it. I guess its just at the forefront of my subconscious for some reason and i wish i knew why. :confused:


Why? Well the brain is never going to forget that feeling. Consciousnly you may forget but the body remembers what the mind forgets. Its similar to why someone with ptsd may Consciously forget about what gave them the trauma but will sometimes have a flashback and its like the whole body experiences that trauma all over again. The body/subconscious connection is a very powerful thing. Just hang in there and it shall pass in due time.if you want to learn more about this there is a book called the body keeps the score that is really informative about it.


For more then 5 years sober and still have then sometimes. Most of the time it appears in the period I felt myself emotional unstable.
Alway glad it’s just a dream :blush:

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This is really great! Thank you!

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Thank you so much! I love books so I’ll have to check it out!

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