Anorexia recovery

Hey there!
I’m recovering from anorexia and I’ll use this app and chat to help me overcome some of my bad habits!!


Welcome Luisa! :wave:

You are not alone in recovering from an eating disorder. Many others here are recovering from that as well. Here’s one thread Stella created to share her story:

If you search “eating disorder”, “disordered eating”, “bulimia”, “anorexia”, etc, you will find more.

Take care Luisa and don’t give up. You’re a good person and you deserve a safe life where you can be your full, healthy self. :innocent:


In recovery here too after 13 years of my eating disorder. I support you!!


Welcome to the community! Glad you’re here


Thank you so much! I’m on a healthy weight right now but my mind is still full of thoughts of giving up and stop eating what I deserve to eat because my eyes keep seeing me as the fattest person ever although I know I’m still skinny… I really want to not having this thoughts and be as my family that if they want to eat, they will without feeling guilty or fat… I know the “theory” quite well, but the practice is always harder… And my family has such a good genetic because they eat a lot and don’t gain weight easily, but my ED always makes me think that I’m different and that I will gain weight just by eating one more potatoe when I know my body doesn’t know that I ate one more potatoe… Any tips? :sweat_smile:

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Hey Luisa! :hugs: How are you feeling right now? Sending you much love for being here ey… :heart: For years both of my older sisters used to have bulimia, and I used to have a compulsive vomit-inducing anxiety of food for lack of another description… All of us healed so you 100% can too! One of my sisters used to tell me that one way that helped her a lot was to stand infront of the mirror and repeat that she really loved and accepted herself - and meaning it… Eating disorders may take a while, maybe even years to fully heal - just like any addiction or problem to be fair… Try to be conscious of any potential origins/causes? As well as possible triggers? It might be a case of growing up with excessive pressure/stress/expectations… Or low self-esteem/self-judgement… And certain occasions or environments might be harder than others… Just please know it’s NOT your fault Luisa!! :pray: We’re just human, and with the wrong inputs, often subconscious and during vulnerable times, our minds can sometimes have wrong outputs which unfortunately need our time and attention to mend once we know better!! There is nothing to despise, judge, hate, fear or feel guilty about yourself finding your way, and you will if you care and try enough, promise… :wink: Try to learn to really love, accept and respect yourself, and your healthy habits will slowly but surely follow suit! There is plenty you can read up or watch online about any problems you’d like to understand, work through and heal… I recommend you maybe try to find out about yourself a little and dig deep into all your unique why’s and how’s etc :slightly_smiling_face: Do you ever meditate? Or write notes? And ever thought of joining an ED community/group (maybe even an in-person one)? All the best ey, you’re not alone and have absolutely nothing to worry about on here, we’re a bunch of yous in various different shoes and stages in life my friend :heart::hugs:


Thank you so much! I’ve always been under extreme pressure… My mum wants me to be perfect and I want her to see I can be perfect but whatever I do there’s something I made wrong… My dad is my safe person but my parents are divorced and I’m not allowed to be with him all the time… My mum’s family always comment on my appearance and weight so I don’t even like to be with them because I know they’ll make me feel worse no matter what their intention is… I thought 6 years were enough for anorexia but now I’m at a healthy weight she wants me to get back so hard. I know it’s not the right thing and my body too, but anorexia is such a strong thought…

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