Antidepressants and Alcohol

I’m currently on my second “officially trying to be sober forever journey”…I’ve learnt that if im taking antidepressants and drink litres of alcohol that it completely cancels out the medication from being affective. I was in denial about being honest with myself , for the longest time I suspected drinking booze was not improving my mental health status. I’m stubborn, also a slow learner, but when I finally “get something” it tends to really stick. My Dr recently told me I am basically flushing my medication down the toilet when drinking alcohol along side it, such a simple and true statement opened my eyes. Like I said, I’m slow. But I get it now. I totally get it.


Welcome to Talking Sober. This community is amazing and a big part of me having nearly 9 months free from weed and alcohol. I struggled with the idea of forever and someone simply stated take it one day at a time. Overly simple but makes the journey that much more manageable.

Glad you are here!


Welcome Thori! I went thru the exact same process. Taking antidepressants and drinking and wondering why my mental health wasn’t improving? Plus, nasty drunk episodes. A bad mix. I am glad you made this realization. Better late than never is my motto (it took me decades to realize a LOT of stuff and I am still learning and changing every day). Glad you are here!!