Anxiety about going to bar with friends

Blerg. One of my good friends is visiting from out of town and we’re going to a beer bar tonight to hang out. I haven’t yet told him that I don’t drink anymore (12 days and counting) but he’ll completely get it… I’m not worried about judgment or anything. My very sober, supportive spouse will be there too. And I don’t want to drink and I’m not worried about relapsing.

But I feel anxious. Panicky. Can’t place the cause. I have no doubt it’ll ease up as soon as I tell my friend, and I’m at the bar with a non-alcohol drink in my hand. It’s probably just the anticipation.

Anyway… Just wanted to touch base with some of you who get it. Thanks :heart:


Good luck, and stay strong :facepunch:

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Sounds like you’re more anxious about telling your friend than anything, and that you’re aware of it too. You say they’ll be supportive, so keep reminding yourself of that, and of your spouses support. Maybe role play telling your friend with your spouse (if that’s part of the anxiety)?

Try to focus on planning/rehearsing what you’ll say, what NA drink you’ll order, and possibly a positive affirmation you can tell yourself.

You’ve got this. Plan an exit strategy with your spouse for if the cravings hit. There is no shame in guarding your sobriety.