Anxiety after 6pm

I stopped drinking 4 days ago. I am a anxiety drinker. Two to three vine glass or around 5once of whiskey. I do for getting calm. I always had problem with anxiety. But I slowly discovered the nice calm alcohol can give to me. I never over drink to the point I don’t remember or that my head is spinning. But even with small amount…when it’s every day it brings addiction. The first 2 days was shaky and anxiety. Always around the 6pm. I was always beginning to drink at this time. I have to say that when I get back home…I don’t know how to relax without it for now. Since my consumption was not extreme, I decided to do it at home. I had some benzo at home so when I am too much shaky and I can’t sleep well I take one. I just hope this shaking and craving will start to go away soon.


Please be careful not to cross addict onto benzo. Swapping benzo from drink only seems like trouble to me . Why not try and get to a aa meeting so you can meet other people who understand what your going through and get some help and support x


Actually I had a disease last year and got crazy anxious. I was not drinking during that time. I had to take AD and benzo to cope with my health problem. After surgery I continued AD for sometimes and stopped just 1 month ago. Sadly, without AD I always used alcohol to calm me down. Slowly after AD and went back to my old bad habit. Then, when I realized it, I stopped alcohol. I try to just lives through my emotions by myself. But it’s hard at the first week. I was shaking and feeling nauseous. I take only benzo if I really have to.